Jesus Calms Their Fears

In the evening following the feeding of the 5000, the disciples got into a boat and left Jesus behind while they began to row toward Capernaum (vv 16-17). As it became dark a strong wind was blowing them off course (v. 18). Suddenly to their amazement, they saw Jesus not far from the boat, walking on the water and they became frightened (v. 19). Jesus immediately answers the disciples fear with these words, “It is I, Be not afraid” (v. 20). Matthew tells us that this was the time when Peter calls out to Him, “Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water,” (Matt 14:28).

The disciples fear was immediately relieved when they realized it was indeed Jesus who was walking on the water, and He was in control of all events, so they willingly received Him into the boat (v. 21). Then we see another demonstration of the power of Jesus, for instantly they arrived at the dock in Capernaum.  It seems this is a miracle intended only for those who believe, unlike the feeding of the 5000 which was intended for anybody who happened to be there. This teaches us that the resources are available to quiet the agony of uncertainty and anxiety that often grips our hearts in time of trouble. As we stand at the brink of each new day we can be sure that some of us are going to face some very frightening circumstances of disease, accident, death etc.  We may find ourselves in a sea of trouble like these disciples. But what Jesus is saying to the disciples He is saying to us as well. He then tells them they are following Him for physical reasons rather than spiritual (vv. 22-29).


These accounts are here in the Scriptures to teach me the hidden resource of life, the place to run to when things get to be overwhelming and I find myself pressured. This is not something to be reserved for just the great trials of life. It is available for any time of pressure, or an degree of it.

John 6:15-27 (English Standard Version)

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