Jesus Heals a Man With a Demon

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In the last half of this chapter Jesus demonstrates His power over three areas of life:

  1. Demons - (vv. 26-39)
  2. Death - (vv. 40-42;49-56)
  3. Disease - (vv. 43-48)

A demon possessed man met Jesus when He landed at Gadara on the western  shore of the Sea of Galilee (vv. 26-29).  We find that it is possible for more than one demon to indwell in a human being because it says a"legion” of demons dwelt within this poor man (v.30). The word “legion” as used here stood for a large number. At the request of the demons Jesus gave permission for them to enter a herd of swine. Immediately the swine ran into the sea and were drowned (vv. 32-33).

Why didn’t Jesus just destroy these demons, or send them to the abyss? Because the time for such a thing had not yet come. He healed many people of the destructive effects of demon possession, but He did not destroy the demons. The same question could be asked today as to why Jesus doesn’t stop all the evil in the world? His time has not yet come, but it will come. A man had been freed from the devil’s power, but the people thought only about the livestock (vv. 34-38). Jesus now urged the man to return to his family and tell them what God has done (v. 39).


Satan does not care how much Biblical truth I know just as long as I do not live it. Truth that is only in my head is purely academic and never will get into my heart until it is practiced.

Luke 8:26-39 (English Standard Version)

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