Jesus Predicts His Death

Back when communism reigned in Russia, stories from the underground church would surface from time to time. On one particular Sunday, a group of believers gathered for worship. They arrived throughout the day so as to not arouse suspicion by KGB informants. By dark, they we … More


Peter and the other disciples had paid a high price by leaving their homes and jobs to follow Jesus (v. 28). But Jesus reminded Peter that following him has its benefits as well as its sacrifices. They had begun to pay the price of following Jesus and He said they would be rewarded (vv. 29-30). Even though they had left their parents, brothers, sisters, wives and children to follow Him, they would be rewarded many times over in this life and in the life to come. In other words, he was telling them not to dwell on what they had given up, but to think about what they had gained and to give thanks for it. We can never out give God.

The disciples had begun to pay the price for following Jesus and He said they would be rewarded. Any believer who has had to give up something to follow Christ will be paid back in this life as well as in the next. Gathering the twelve disciples around Him, Jesus began to make some predictions about what would happen to Him as they traveled up to Jerusalem (vv. 31-34). The disciples apparently didn’t understand Jesus, because they focused on what he said about His death and ignored what He said about His resurrection. Even though Jesus spoke plainly, they would not grasp the significance of His words until they saw the risen Christ face to face.


Have I honestly and objectively taken my goals before the Lord for His approval? Do my goals feed my ego more than they honor the Lord? Would I be willing to change my goals if God were to show me that I should?

Luke 18:28-34 (English Standard Version)

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