Jesus Teaching in Parables

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In this passage we find three parables. A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Jesus used several parables drawn from everyday life to illustrate the principles He was teaching:
  1. The Eye and its Focus (vv. 39-42) - Discernment is the key as we tend to judge.
    1. To see clearly
    2. To judge carefully
    3. To act compassionately
  2. The Tree and its Fruit (vv. 43-45) - Life needs good fertilization and pruning.
    1. Is the tree prepared
    2. Is the tree productive
    3. Is the tree profitable
  3. The House and its’s Foundation (vv. 46-49) - Make sure it is built on Christ the rock.
    1. The foundation must be deep
    2. The foundation must be dependable
    3. The foundation must be durable


These character qualities given by our Lord in these parables are needed in my life in order for me to not be a hypocrite and for Him  to be able to produce good spiritual fruit that is lasting?

Luke 6:39-49 (English Standard Version)

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