Jezebel’s Plot

After Lee’s surrender, Lincoln spoke to a large crowd from the balcony of the White House. He told them about the considerate policy he had in mind for the South. At the end of his speech, Senator Harlan asked, “What shall we do with the rebels?” The vindictiv … More


Directed by Jezebel the men of Naboth’s city carried out her plans by accusing Naboth of blasphemy and having him stoned to death outside the city (vv. 11-14). Then Jezebel announced to Ahab that he could take possession of Naboth’s vineyard because he was now dead. Immediately the king got up from his bed and went to take possession of the land he had coveted (vv. 15-16). But we know that Ahab understands all along that it’s a dirty deed that gets him the land. This whole crime unfolds  when Ahab sees a vineyard, that he wants. He’s got plenty of land and vineyards but he wants this one. Covetousness, greed, envy, and pride creep in. God chose Elijah to bear a message of judgment to Ahab, who was then in Naboth’s vineyard (vv. 17-18). God told Elijah just what to say (v. 19).

Elijah told Ahab that his days were numbered because of this crime that he had committed. He told him how all of his sons would die (vv. 20-26). He also told him that in the place where Naboth died the dogs would lick his blood and the dogs would lick Jezebel’s blood in the ditch at Jezreel (vv. 19, 23). At that time wild dogs lived off the garbage dumps of the cities like Jezreel. When Ahab heard these dreadful words he ripped his clothes and put on sackcloth to show he was sorrowful (v. 27). To me, his phony repentance stinks, but God accepts it. When God saw Ahab’s change of mind and behavior he promised to postpone the destruction of Ahab’s house until the days of his son (vv. 28-29). The slightest movement toward repentance moves God’s heart to compassion.  However, Jezebel did not repent and she suffered all that God promised she would get (2 Kings 9:30-37) 


Ahab was more wicked than any other king of Israel (v. 25). However, when he humbled himself and repented God postponed his punishment. The same God who was merciful to Ahab wants to be merciful to me if I will turn to God and ask for forgiveness (l John 1:9).

I Kings 21:11-29 (English Standard Version)

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