Joash Turns From The Lord And is Killed

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After Jehoiada the Priest died, the leaders of Judah talked Joash into doing what they wanted (v. 17). The people soon stopped worshiping in the temple and started worshiping idols and symbols of the goddess Amaziah (v. 18). This made the Lord very angry with the people of Judah and Jerusalem, but He still sent prophets who warned them to turn back to Him (v. 19). The people refused to listen. The Holy Spirit spoke to Zechariah, the son of Jehoiada, who told everyone what God was saying (v. 20). “Why are you disobeying me and my Laws? This will only bring punishment! You have deserted me, so now I will desert you.” King Joash forgot that Zechariah’s father had always been a loyal friend. So when there was a plot to kill Zechariah, Joash joined the cause and gave the orders to stone him to death in the courtyard of the temple (vv. 21-22).

The Syrian army invaded Judah and Jerusalem in the spring of the following year, killing all of the nation’s leaders and took all of their spoil back to their king in Damascus (v. 23). The Lord let the small Syrian army defeat the larger army of Judah to punish their people for turning away from Him (v. 24). Joash was severely wounded during the battle and soon two of his officials, Abed and Jehozabad, decided to take revenge for Zechariah’s death. They plotted and killed Joash while he was recovering from his wounds (vv. 25-26). Amaziah, son of Joash, became king after his father’s death (v. 27). More is told about the sons of Joash in 1stand 2nd Kings.                         


Lord, take care of my enemies and never let me be a person of revenge who tries to get even.

II Chronicles 24:17-27 (English Standard Version)

Now after the death of Jehoiada the princes of Judah came and paid homage to the king. Then the king listened to them. And they abandoned the house of the LORD, the God of their fathers, and served the Asherim and the idols. And wrath came upon Judah and Jerusalem for this guilt of theirs. Yet he sent prophets among them to bring them back to the LORD. These testified against them, but they would not pay attention. Then the Spirit of God clothed Zechariah the son of Jehoiada the priest, and he stood above the people, and said to them, "Thus says God, 'Why do you break the commandments of the LORD, so that you cannot prosper? Because you have forsaken the LORD, he has forsaken you.'" But they conspired against him, and by command of the king they stoned him with stones in the court of the house of the LORD. Thus Joash the king did not remember the kindness that Jehoiada, Zechariah's father, had shown him, but killed his son. And when he was dying, he said, "May the LORD see and avenge!" At the end of the year the army of the Syrians came up against Joash. They came to Judah and Jerusalem and destroyed all the princes of the people from among the people and sent all their spoil to the king of Damascus. Though the army of the Syrians had come with few men, the LORD delivered into their hand a very great army, because Judah had forsaken the LORD, the God of their fathers. Thus they executed judgment on Joash. When they had departed from him, leaving him severely wounded, his servants conspired against him because of the blood of the son of Jehoiada the priest, and killed him on his bed. So he died, and they buried him in the city of David, but they did not bury him in the tombs of the kings. Those who conspired against him were Zabad the son of Shimeath the Ammonite, and Jehozabad the son of Shimrith the Moabite. Accounts of his sons and of the many oracles against him and of the rebuilding of the house of God are written in the Story of the Book of the Kings. And Amaziah his son reigned in his place.

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