Job Asserts His Integrity

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As he concluded his final defense, Job named specific sins and denied that he had committed them. Having compared the past with the present, he reasserts his claim of innocence and gives his final statement concerning his integrity. He had not only avoided committing the sin of adultery, he had not even taken the first step toward that sin by looking at a woman with lust (v. 1). He says that God brings disaster upon those who give way to such practices (vv. 2-4). Job states that even if it appears that he has followed falsehood and deceit, or turned away from integrity, he will accept the fact that he is one who has sowed, but is not worthy of the harvest (vv. 5-8).

He listed sins he had not committed in his heart (v. 1-12), and against his neighbors (vv. 13-23). He knew that God watched him (v. 4) and weighed him (v. 6) and he was not afraid to speak. To emphasize his innocence he forms a hypothetical case, in which, if guilty, he would deserve to lose his wife to another (vv. 9-10). She would be the concubine of her new master. This was a heinous crime and deserved the severest punishment (v. 11). We need to take inventory of our  spiritual life. Do we have eyes that wander lustfully (vv. 1-4) or feet that move deceitfully (vv. 5-8)? Has lust been fulfilled in outward sin (vv. 9-12)? Have we treated others as God wants them treated (vv. 13-23)?

Job has been doing a good job of patting himself on the back. He has told what an outstanding and good man he was and then asks for sympathy for his present condition. As he concludes this chapter he is still claiming that he is a very good fellow.


It seems to me that Job was about to break his arm patting himself on the back to prove his integrity.  My desire is that my life, and not my words, will prove my integrity.

Job 31:1-23 (English Standard Version)

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