Job Concludes His Self Defense

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Have you coveted wealth or been proud of what you possess (vv. 24-28)? How do you respond to the suffering of an enemy (vv. 29-30) or the needs of a stranger (vv. 31-34)? Job states that he is ready for God to listen and answer him (vv. 35-37). He was so confident of his innocence that he would proudly wear God’s written indictments, knowing they could easily be proved false. Are you a faithful steward of the natural resources God gives (vv. 38-40)? Job has seen himself and is satisfied, but he has not yet seen God. When he does, he will change his opinion of himself and get started on the road to victory. Job is righteous in his own eyes, but he is not righteous before God.

Job rejected Eliphaz’s implied charge (Job 22:24) that his greatest joy, hope and trust were in his wealth (vv. 24-25) or that he had ever been tempted to worship the sun or the moon (v. 26). In fact, he went beyond a denial and stated that he had never even been tempted to throw these heavenly bodies a kiss of devotion (v. 27). Neither had he ever rejoiced over the destruction of his enemies (vv. 29-30). No man had ever been turned away from his door hungry or without lodging (vv. 31-32).

Job, unlike Adam, did not seek to hide his sin (vv. 33-34). There had been nothing to hide. He asks for a list of specific charges against him (v. 35). If one was available he would be glad to wear it like a necktie, or like a crown on his head, so everyone could see it (v. 36). He was confident that there could be no valid charge (v. 37). He calls for a curse to fall upon all his fields if he had obtained them through unjust dealings, or at the cost of the lives of their former owners (vv. 38-40). He was able to do this because of the certainty of his innocence. Job is righteous in his own eyes, but he is not righteous before God.


Fear that my sins will be discovered can lead me to patterns of deception. I might be able to cover up with lies so that I will appear to look good to others. But I can not hide from God.

Job 31:24-40 (English Standard Version)

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