Job Had a Certainty of Seeing God

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As a result of all that had happened, Job was estranged from his family and friends. Even his wife and kin could no longer stand to be around him (v. 19). Physically he was just skin and bones and barely alive (v. 20). So he asked his friends to have pity on him and to stop all their persecution (vv. 21-22).  In this final paragraph of his reply to Bildad, Job declares his confidence that he will be vindicated (vv. 23-24). But as for himself, it was as though he were already vindicated. Just before concluding his words in response to Bildad, Job warned his friends of the effect that their insistence upon his guilt would have. He suggested that their persistent persecution of him would bring punishment upon themselves, and then they would know about judgment firsthand.  At that time they would understand his problem better. (vv. 25-29). On this note Job left off his speaking.

In his book With the Word, Warren Wiersbe says that this passage contains one of the greatest declarations of faith found in the Bible (vv. 25-27). What tremendous faith Job had, especially in light of the fact that he was unaware of the discussion  between God and Satan. Job thought that God had brought all these disasters upon him! Faced with death and decay, Job still expected to see God. and he expected to do so in his body. As we read this, we need to realize that when the book of Job was written Israel did not have a well-developed doctrine of the resurrection. Although he struggled with the idea that God was presently against him, Job firmly believed that in the end God would be on his side. This belief was so strong that Job became one of the first to talk about the resurrection of the body. He said, “In my flesh I shall see God,” and that shows how strong his faith was.


What tremendous faith Job had, especially when he was unaware of the conference between God and Satan. Job thought that God had brought all of these disasters upon him. Faced with death and decay, Job still expected to see God, and he expected to so do in his body. This was a miracle as the doctrine of the resurrection was not known at that time. Lord help me to have that kind of faith!

Job 19:19-29 (English Standard Version)

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