Judgment of The World

Dr. Ian Paisley, the fiery Irish cleric and politician was reputed to have been preaching one Sunday on the End Times - and in particular on the Day of Judgement. As he reached the climax of his address he said that on the Day of Judgement “there would be wailing and g … More


In chapters 24-27 of this book Isaiah declares three ways that God will comfort His chosen people in this awesome day of judgment:

  1. The Lord will judge His enemies - Chapter 24
  2. The Lord will preserve His people - Chapter 25
  3. The Lord will restore the nation - Chapter 26

Position, power and wealth will be no protection against the wrath of God.  God will merely speak the word and the world will fade away (vv 1-4). Next is what it will be like on the earth during “the Day of the Lord” (vv. 5-13). In Israel the harvest was a great time of joy, but now there will not be joy because there will be no harvest. Like a farmer harvesting the last grape, God’s judgments will destroy the crops as well as the workers (v. 13).  The only joy expressed during this time will be done by the believing remnant who trust God. (vv 14-16).

In that day God will shake everything; man will stagger like a drunk and collapse like a flimsy hut (vv. 17-20). This time will effect not only the earth and its people, but also Satan and his hosts. God will judge the power in the heavens above but also the kings on the earth below (vv. 21-22). The climax of all this will be when “the Lord of hosts shall reign in Mount Zion (v. 23).


As we see the results of sin in our land today, we can become depressed.  However, I need to hold on to God’s promises for the future and look forward to singing praises to Him.

Isaiah 24:1-23 (English Standard Version)

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