Marks of The Ministry

There is a story told of a young lady who was arguing that she had plenty of time to accept the Lord. The soul winner handed her a piece of paper and said, “Would you sign a statement that you would be willing to postpone salvation for a year?” “No,” she … More


It appears that the people heard God’s message but they did not let it affect what they said and did (v. 1). There is no guarantee that any sinner will have the opportunity to be saved tomorrow (v. 2). Paul always considered what his actions communicated about Jesus Christ (v. 3). He paid a tremendous price to be faithful to the ministry God had called him to, and yet it would appear that the Corinthians didn’t appreciate all he did for them. In these verses Paul was not  begging for praise but he was just reminding the Christians at Corinth that his ministry to them had cost him dearly.

As Paul shares how the pressures were coming in from every side, he lists twenty-seven categories that can be divided as follows:

  1. His trials (vv. 4-5).
  2. His tools (vv. 6-7).
  3. His testimony (vv. 8-10).

What a difference it makes to know Jesus Christ. He cares for us in spite of what the Word around us may think. As believers we must minister for Jesus Christ. In the course of each day, non Christians observe us. Paul stood faithful to God whether people praised him or condemned him. He remained steadfast, active, joyous, and content in the most difficult hardships. As a Christian, we must never let our careless or undisciplined actions be another person’s excuse for rejecting Christ.


I must never let circumstances or people’s expectations govern what I do or don’t do in life. I must remain steadfast to God, and refuse to compromise my standards for living regardless of what trials may come into my life.

II Corinthians 6:1-10 (English Standard Version)

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