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Commentary » Esther 10:1-Esther 10:3 »

Mordecai Promoted by Xerxes

S. I. MacMillan, in his book None of These Diseases, tells a story of a young woman who wanted to go to college, but her heart sank when she read the question on the application blank that asked, “Are you a leader?” Being both honest and conscientious, she wrote, &ldq … More


The book closes by speaking of the king’s power; but more importantly extols the leadership abilities of Mordecai who was once a hated Jew in the Persian Empire (vv. 1-3). King Xerxes made everyone in his kingdom and those across the sea pay taxes (v. 1). Mordecai was promoted by Ahasuerus and loved by the Jews (v. 3). He did not only act frequently on his own but he also enjoyed the confidence and trust of the King, who had relied on him more than any other noble or advisor. He was their great patriot because he worked hard for them and spoke up on their behalf.  In the book of Esther, we can clearly see God at work in the lives of individuals and in the affairs of a nation. Even when it looks as if the world is in the hands of evil people, God is still in control, protecting those who belong to Him. Although we may not understand everything happening around us, we must trust in God=s protection and retain our integrity by doing what we know to be right.

Mordecai had virtually unlimited opportunities to shape the policies and administration of the Empire. His high position guaranteed the welfare of the Jews while they lived in a foreign land. As the early Jewish readers read this account they would have been struck by the way God was sovereignly protecting them, often when they did not even realize it. Many things happened in this book that were beyond anyone’s control except that of God who overseas history. No wonder Purim was celebrated yearly with such rejoicing; to help the Jews remember that God is in control and that people should faithfully worship and serve their God.


A good leader must first of all be a good follower. During my lifetime I have had many very responsible roles in leadership but the things I have seen accomplished have not been because of me but because of my wonderful Lord guiding me.

Esther 10:1-3 (English Standard Version)

King Ahasuerus imposed tax on the land and on the coastlands of the sea. And all the acts of his power and might, and the full account of the high honor of Mordecai, to which the king advanced him, are they not written in the Book of the Chronicles of the kings of Media and Persia? For Mordecai the Jew was second in rank to King Ahasuerus, and he was great among the Jews and popular with the multitude of his brothers, for he sought the welfare of his people and spoke peace to all his people.

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