Nebuchadnezzar’s Humiliation

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Sad to say Nebuchadnezzar did not take the prophet’s advice and turn from his evil way. It seems almost incredible that the king would refuse to heed Daniel’s pleading and yet that is exactly what he did. Actually the heart of man has not changed since that historic event. With all the preaching of God’s Word today, men for the most part will not turn from their pride and self will to Christ.

All this happened to King Nebuchadnezzar (v. 28). God in his grace gave an additional year before judgment came (v. 29). Then one day when Nebuchadnezzar was strutting around his palace displaying arrogance and pride, he directly challenged God by taking all glory to himself (v. 30). The proud king was reduced to the level of a beast (vv. 31-33). Minutes before his fall he wore the royal robes of a ruling monarch; then he was found crawling on all fours in an open field, eating grass like an ox. For seven years he lived like an animal.

Finally Nebuchadnezzar silently acknowledged the sovereignty of God by lifting up his eyes to heaven and thus  acknowledged God’s right to rule (vv.34-35). The chastisement ended and the king’s mind was restored and he was restored to his throne (vv. 36-37). We may recognize that God exists and does wonderful miracles, but God is not going to change us until we make Him our Lord.

This is the last we read in the Scriptures of Nebuchadnezzar. He lived for about one year and his son Evil-Merodach, who it is thought occupied the throne during the years of his fathers insanity, succeeded him as Babylon’s next monarch (Jeremiah 52:30-31).


It is easy for me to condemn Nebuchadnezzar for being boastful when I have actually been guilty of the same thing. Anything I am able to accomplish is because God has given me the ability to accomplish it.

Daniel 4:28-37 (English Standard Version)

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