No Way to Escape God’s Judgment

A college professor answered his telephone at 3:00 A.M. “This is your neighbor, Mr. Smith,” said the voice. “Your dog is barking and keeping me awake.” The professor thanked him kindly and hung up. The next morning Mr. Smith’s telephone rang at exactly … More


The final section of this chapter concludes with God pouring out his vengeance upon His rebellious people. So great is God’s indictment upon mankind that the victims of this coming disaster will be like dung upon the ground. Both the rulers and the people will be destroyed. This prophecy is not only descriptive of God’s judgment upon Judah and the surrounding nations following the seventy-year captivity, but also His judgment upon apostate Israel and the nations which will culminate in the second coming of Christ (Matt. 24:30 & Rev. 1:4-19). This judgment was pictured as a mighty storm that would encompass all nations (vv. 30-31). In its path the slain were scattered everywhere (v. 33). The leaders of these many nations would weep and wail and roll in the dust as they mourned (v. 34). They would try to flee but there was no place to escape (v. 35). God would destroy their land and prowl around like a lion among the sheep. For the time had come that judgment must begin at the house of God (vv. 36-38).

The warnings of Jeremiah some twenty-five hundred years ago needs to be headed by the ungodly nations of our day and unless they repent will rise no more (v. 27). In just my life span I can see a tremendous degeneration of the society in which we live. The acceptance of immorality and lying recently by our president is only an indicator of the wickedness of our nation. According to a recent poll over 75 percent of the people don’t care about the sinful ways of our president as long as the economy is strong and they are prospering economically. Homosexuality is fast becoming an accepted life style and murder of the unborn is referred to as a woman’s choice. These are things that would not have been tolerated when I was a boy growing up. Most of the nations around the world have embraced an ungodly lifestyle and have no desire to live by the principles of God’s Word.


I praise the Lord that in spite of all the sin around us God has made a way of escape through His son the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord for saving me from the penalty of sin!

Jeremiah 25:30-38 (English Standard Version)

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