Obedience Brings Life

It is so easy to say that we are committed to doing whatever the Lord wants us to do. Then we come to the Lord with a long list of our plans and ask the Lord to bless our plans. I once heard George Murray, a missionary to Italy, ask the crowd “what is your idea of comm … More


As we think about Israel’s future, their stay in the land will be determined by their obedience (vv. 15-16). Some day He will return them to the Land and they shall never go out again. This is because they will obey Him and not because God makes good His covenant. When He brings them back, they will obey Him. Moses never taught the Israelites that they were justified by obeying the Law. Instead he sets before them the greatest of all commandments which is to love God (vv 15-20).

If a believer chose to embark on a pattern of disregarding the Law he could easily be drawn away  to other gods which would bring great judgment into his life (v. 17). He would be destroyed (killed) or taken from the land by death or captivity (v. 18). We are not robots; we can hear God’s Word, learn God’s will, and decide either to obey or disobey.  He doesn’t force his will on anyone. Moses made it clear that making this kind of decision isn’t difficult. We have the revealed truth of God in His Word and that Word is available to us. God wants us to know that it is a life or death matter whether we chose to follow Him or not.

Moses called all creation to witness Israel’s great opportunity to accept the covenant and enjoy his blessings (v. 19). God offered His people life, for God is our life (v. 20). So the life of the nation was to consist of her obeying the Lord. This obedience could be passed down from one generation to another since godly parents usually produce godly children.


Daily, in each of life’s situations I must affirm my commitment to Him. I can only experience full enjoyment of life as I obey God’s Word. Have you ever said you would obey God if you knew what he wanted? The truth of the matter is God’s principles for daily living are written in the Bible. The most difficult part of obeying these is deciding to start doing it now (Romans 10:5-8).

Deuteronomy 30:15-20 (English Standard Version)

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