Opposition Enhances Ministry Results


The arrival of his colleagues (Silas and Timothy) from Macedonia (v. 5) did a number of things for Paul.

  1. It relieved him of anxiety he had been feeling for his Thessalonian converts.
  2. He received a gift of money at this time from his friends at Philippi (2 Cor. 11:8) which enabled him to devote his full time to his missionary work.
  3. The presence of Silas and Timothy gave him much needed moral support. As a result,Paul threw himself with even greater zeal into the task of winning Jews to Jesus.

The expression “was pressed in the spirit” (v. 5) can be rendered “was engrossed in his witness.” It totally absorbed him. He went at it with a single-minded abandon of self.

As opportunities increased, the opposition increased as well. Charles Haddon Spurgeon said that the devil never kicks a dead horse. Such opposition is usually proof that God is at work, and this ought to encourage us. Jewish opposition had caused Paul to leave Thessalonica and Berea however, in Corinth it only made him determine to stay and get the job done. Paul was faithful to declaring the message of the Gospel, but the Jews continued to reject God’s truth. God brought a friend into Paul’s life, named Justus, who lived next door to the synagogue (v. 7). There Paul began preaching, and it gave him contact with the Jews and Gentiles. The chief ruler of the synagogue named Crispus, believed, along with his household (v. 8). Then many people believed the message Paul was preaching and were baptized to show they were turning from idols to trust in Jesus Christ.

Paul may have been thinking of leaving the city, when the Lord spoke to him in a vision or a dream, and told him not to be afraid. He was with him and no one would hurt him. Also God told him there would be many people who would believe when they heard the message. This was encouraging news to Paul, so he kept on teaching for a year and a half until a church was established in Corinth (v. 11).


It is just like our Lord to speak peace to us when we need Him. He is the one that calmed the storm at sea and gave assurance to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Daniel as well as others (Genesis 15:1, 26:24 and 46:3, Daniel 10:12,19). Whenever I feel alone or defeated I need to think on Hebrews 13:5 and Isaiah 41:10 because these verses will comfort and encourage me

Acts 18:5-11 (English Standard Version)

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