Preparation For Moses Death

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In this book we have dwelt at length concerning the law of God and upon Moses the law-giver. Now we are going to consider the closing days of this great servant of God. Through this detailed analysis of the law it has been made clear that God’s standards are absolute and that He will not tolerate sin.  Even though God would let His enemies bring judgment on Israel He would still hold those enemies accountable for their wickedness and repay them for evil (vv. 34-35).

Moses ironically calls on Israel to seek help from their false God’s, knowing, of course, they would be unable to help (vv. 36-38). God’s goal in judging Israel was not to annihilate her but to bring her to a point of repentance (vv. 39-43). Think of it! Even though His chosen people will stray far from His will He will still remember His Holy covenant with the patriarchs (ve. 43). The song is ended and now Moses brings his instruction to an end (vv. 46-57).

The nation of Israel was not to obey God simply as a matter of routine but was to set her heart (v. 46) to gladly, spontaneously, enthusiastically cleave to the revealed will of God. Furthermore they were to teach this to their children.

Moses was instructed to climb Mt Nebo from which he could see the promised land, and having viewed this land that was forbidden him, to die. He was the representative of the Law, the lawgiver, but he could not enter into the land. The Law can not save. It could not bring Moses into the land (vv. 48-52). Neither can it bring us into the place of blessing.


Moses urged the people to think about God’s Word and teach it to their children. This is what I have tried to do with my children and want to do with my grandchildren.

Deuteronomy 32:34-52 (English Standard Version)

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