Promised Blessing After Israel’s Repentance

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The actual Palestinian covenant is given that lays down the conditions under which Israel is to enter the promised land. You will notice there are no if’s in this covenant. It is an unconditional promise of future blessing. The little word all is used several times . God will send all His judgments among His people in all the nations (v. 1) so that with all their hearts and souls they will obey all He has commanded (v. 2). Israel did not keep their part of this covenant and God removed them from the land. Yet we find here that God makes promises that He will one day return them to the land and His eternal covenant with Israel will be fulfilled. There are seven great promises God makes here:

  1. They will be dispersed among all the nations (v. 1).
  2. There will be a future repentance of Israel in the dispersion (v. 2).
  3. The Messiah will return (v. 3).
  4. Israel is to be restored to the land (vv. 4-5).
  5. There will be a national conversion (v. 6).
  6. Israel’s enemies will be judged (vv. 7-8).
  7. Israel will receive her full blessing (vv. 9-10).
In Ezekiel 3:24 the Lord states that He will bring Israel as a nation and gather them once more into the promised land. They will not be returned because of their obedience, but they will be obedient because of their return.


No matter how far I wander from the Lord He promises me a fresh beginning if I will turn to Him.

Deuteronomy 30:1-14 (English Standard Version)

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