Promises to Abram

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This is a pivotal chapter in the book of Genesis as God turns His attention from a rebellious humanity scattered by the judgment of Babel to one man, Abraham. At this point, Abraham was 75 years of age and had another 100 years to live (v. 4). The next twelve chapters of Genesis are devoted to the development of Abraham’s spiritual pilgrimage. The call of Abraham and his response to it are one of the most momentous events in history. At the time of the call Abraham was living in a land where heathen gods were worshiped. No sooner had he arrived than a famine struck the land. Abraham’s call included the fact that he was to be a blessing to all men, even as God has chosen us to be a help to others. One of the first things he did was to build an altar and worship the Lord.

1. It begins with a statement of faith.

a. God promises land - (v. 1)  (Palestine)

b. God promises a nation - (v. 2a)  (Jewish People)

c. God promises to make his name great - (v.2b)

d. God promises blessing - (v.3)

2. It is followed by a step of faith. (vv. 4-9)

a. We see Abraham witnessing - (v. 5)

b. We see Abraham walking - (v. 6)

c. We see Abraham waiting - (v. 7)

d. We see Abraham worshiping - (vv. 8-9)


Faith takes God at His word and obeys Him. This is what Abraham did and that is what I need to do regardless of the comforts of life I may be enjoying.    

Genesis 12:1-9 (English Standard Version)

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