Qualities of the Greatest Gift

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This is one of the most noted and best-loved chapters in the entire Bible. At the same time, few chapters have suffered more misinterpretation and misapplication than I Corinthians 13. Divorced from its context, it often becomes a sentimental sermon on Christian brotherhood. It is easy to forget that Paul is still dealing with the Corinthian problems of tongues, divisions, envy, selfishness, lawsuits, impatience, etc. The main evidence of maturity in the Christian life is a growing love for God and for God’s people, as well as a love for lost souls. 


Paul says that the incredible spiritual gift of speaking in tongues without love is nothing more than a lowed banging, more annoying than useful (v. 1). Prophesy, deep understanding of God’s mysteries, or even “mountain moving” faith without love is nothing (v. 2). Personal sacrifice, even to the point of death, without love gains nothing (v. 3). Paul shows us the qualities of real love:


1. Love is not easily roused to resentment (v. 4). 

2. Love has the idea of being useful (v. 4).

3. Love does not sound its own praises (v. 4). 

4. Love is not swelled with pride (v. 4). 

5. Love is not easily provoked (v. 5).

6. Love does not keep track of the offenses committed against it (v. 5).

7. Love does not take delight in that which is offensive to God (v. 6). 

8. Love rejoices when truth is proclaimed (v. 6). 

9. Love covers all things (v. 7).

10. Love will believe well of others unless convinced otherwise (v. 7).

11. Love is always positive and hopeful (v. 7). 


I want to be a vessel filled to overflowing with God’s love, so that His love might spill over onto everyone I meet. I must allow God to empty myself of all that is not from Him. 

I Corinthians 13:1-7 (English Standard Version)

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