Reassurance of Israel’s Future Restoration

One bleak day in February 1832, Samuel Francis Smith, a young theological student sat in his room at Andover Seminary. He was going over a sheaf of German songs for children, given him by a friend, and composer Lowell Mason. As he hummed over one after another, one struck h … More


A third wake-up call is addressed to Jerusalem and is a command not only to wake up, but to dress up (vv. 1-6). She must put on her beautiful garments (v. 1). She shall no longer be a servant girl trodden under foot by the gentile nations but she shall once again be the holy city (v. 2). God sold his people into captivity for nothing and shall redeem them without money as well (v. 3). Egypt had made slaves out of the Jews, Assyria had oppressed them, and Babylon had taken them captive, but now this was all ended (v. 4). Now another power, Babylon takes away Judah and mocks them (v. 5) and blasphemes God (v. 6). God says that the feet of those who bring good news are beautiful (v. 7). He goes on to say that everyone on guard duty shall sing together (v. 8). This will all happen when Israel’s Messiah returns to Zion to reign (vv. 9-10).

The defeat of Babylon by Cyrus was certainly good news to the Jews because it meant freedom for the captives (vv. 11-12). Isaiah uses repetition when he says, “depart, depart” (v. 11). It seems strange that God would have to urge His people to leave their place of captivity, but they had become comfortable in Babylon and were reluctant to leave. God commanded them to depart because Babylon was a condemned place. God promised to protect them (v. 12). At the second coming the servant will act wisely doing what the Lord wants him to do (v. 13). When He returns many will be “awestruck” as they see Him from a new prospective (v. 14). Even the kings will be silent and bow in wonder (v. 15).


When the Jewish people obeyed God, He went before them (Ex. 13:21) and protected them. When I obey God I can always count on His leading and protection.

Isaiah 52:1-15 (English Standard Version)

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