Reassurance of Israel’s Future

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The faithful remnant may have felt alone because they were few. But God reminded them to look back (vv 1-3) to their ancestors, the source of their spiritual heritage (Abraham and Sarah) and how much had come from their faithfulness. He was suggesting that if they as a faithful few would remain faithful, even more could come from them.

Next God tells them to look ahead (vv 4-6) and realize that justice will come to the world and they will be vindicated by the Lord. He makes it clear that there is a day coming when “the heavens shall vanish away” and “the earth shall wax old” (v. 6), a time when the heavens and the earth shall be no more. The inhabitants of the earth “shall die in like manner” which indicates the frailty of human life apart from God who is the source of all life. However, all who submit to Him through faith and trust in His grace shall experience His salvation, which shall last longer than this temporal earth. In fact, it shall last forever (John 3:16).

God’s final admonition (vv 7-8) focuses on looking within, where we find either fear or faith. He illustrates how the moth and worm shall destroy the enemy, but God’s salvation will endure forever. Moths and worms do their work for the most part unnoticed, but they do their work, just the same. The prophet is referring to the fact that the seeds of destruction are already at work in the Babylonian Empire, and the leaders are unaware of what is happening. The prayer is that God in His power will rise again and save His people as He did in the exodus (vv. 9-11). When Israel escaped from Egypt the Egyptian army was drowned in the Red Sea while the Israelites crossed over on dry ground.


My God is the same God who made a road in the depths of the sea. His methods may change, but His love and care do not.

Isaiah 51:1-11 (English Standard Version)

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