Sayings of The Wise

A mother sent her child to pick a quart of raspberries. Reluctantly he dragged himself to the berry patch. His afternoon was ruined for sure. Then a thought hit him. He would surprise his mother and pick two quarts of raspberries instead of one. Rather than drudgery his work now … More


To be wise is to be under God’s “seeing eyes” of protection (v. 12). To be unwise and treacherous, even in what one says, is to be on a path that will end in frustration. The lazy person has all kinds of excuses for not wanting to work (v. 13). When no dangers or difficulties exist he imagines them; and where they really do exist he exaggerates them to such a degree that they seem to be insurmountable. It is also easy for a lazy person, with lots of time on his hands, to fall into immorality (v. 14).

The word “foolishness” actually means stubbornness (v. 15). Discipline will help to expel that kind of attitude. The rod which is a spanking is necessary to correct this type of attitude and if not usedl will result in rebellion and very serious problems in the future. “The rod” applied consistently, firmly, with instruction, and in love (not in anger) will ensure the child’s proper moral development.

To try to accumulate wealth by taking advantage of the poor will eventually bring such a man to poverty (v. 16). Also the person  who tries to obtain favor by giving gifts to the rich will come upon bad times. For a time he may seem to prosper; but his end will verify the truth of God’s word. The exhortation given is to pay attention, listen and apply this teaching to your heart (v. 17). It is God Himself who is mapping out the way in which His children should walk. Reasons given for the exhortations are given (vv. 18-19). Memorize and be able to quote them because they will encourage people to trust in the Lord. The main reason this counsel is given is so the learner can give reliable answers (vv. 20-21).


It is so easy to be a hearer and not a doer. How many times has God spoken to me in a message and I failed to do anything about it? I constantly need to be looking for ways that I can put into practice the things that God is challenging me with..

Proverbs 22:12-21 (English Standard Version)

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