Sins of Jerusalem

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This chapter explains why Jerusalem’s judgment would come (vv. 1-16), how it would come (vv. 17-22), and who would be judged by it (vv. 23-31). The leaders were especially responsible for the moral climate of the nation because God chose them to lead.

A very strong indictment against a city, people, and land that had wholly gone into moral decay is expressed (vv. 1-16). They have served idols instead of the Lord. By bloodshed they have despised the sanctity of life; and by sexual perversion they have despised the highest form of creation, which is man’s body. Also by seeking material gain at any cost, they have put material things above the spiritual. They have done all of this because they have forgotten the Lord God. All segments of the social world have become involved in this decay: which includes prophet, priest, and people. Therefore, the Lord must bring judgment by dispersion to a segment of society, and fire, sword, and plague to the others. God’s holy purpose in this is to purge out filthiness and dross, appease His wrath against sin, and bring His people back to Himself.

So terrible and widespread were the bloody crimes of Israel that they were a reproach unto the heathen all over the world. Earlier in their history, the Lord spared them in spite of their wickedness, so that other nations would not be able to say, the Lord can not save. But now, if the Lord’s name was to be upheld, He must deal with His sinful people in judgment. Unfortunately, many of the sins mentioned here have been committed in recent years by Christian leaders of our generation.


We are living in a time of unprecedented attacks by Satan. Therefore I need to uphold our leaders in prayer, and encourage people everywhere to seek accountability that will help them keep their moral and spiritual integrity.

Ezekiel 22:1-16 (English Standard Version)

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