Solomon Anointed as King

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Prayers of dedication were confirmed by the offering of an enormous number of sacrificial animals (3,000 in all). Drink offerings were poured out as a sacrifice to God to acknowledge His role in providing for His people (v. 21). This was the second anointing of Solomon as king (vv. 22-23). The first was an impromptu event which hastily occurred to counteract Adonijah’s attempt to usurp the throne (l Kings 1:32-40). The first anointing had been valid, but his second anointing was a public confirmation.

With Solomon’s succession came the recognition by the people that he was now the king in David’s stead. When Solomon took the throne, all Israel obeyed him, including all the sons of David (v. 24).  Also, David’s confirmation was apparent in the Lord’s great blessing on Solomon as he surpassed his father’s wealth and splendor (v. 25). David had been King for 40 years; 7 years in Hebron and 33 years in Jerusalem (vv. 26-27). He had been rich and respected (v. 28) and everything he did was included in the history written by the prophets (vv. 29-30). They wrote about His powerful rule and about the things that happened not only to him, but also to Israel and the other nations.

However, David’s legacy was not his possessions but his vital relationship with the Lord and the spiritual values he passed on to Solomon. Few men or women in the Bible were as close to God as David was.


Any money or power I leave to my children are far less valuable than the spiritual legacy I pass on. I always need to evaluate what spiritual inheritance my children will receive? I only wish that my life had been a better example in many ways. I can’t go back and re-live any of my life, but I can attempt to live the balance of my life completely surrendered to pleasing and honoring Him.

I Chronicles 29:21-30 (English Standard Version)

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