Solomon Petitions God For His People

A heart-broken little girl began to kneel and pour out her heart to God in the altar at her local church. She did not know what to say. As she wept speechless, she began to remember what her Father had told her, “God knows your needs even before you pray, and he can answer w … More


In this whole prayer (vv. 23-53) Solomon called on God, who had been faithful to His promises in the past, to continue to be faithful to his people in the future. Solomon prayed for needs with confidence that those who sinned, were defeated, and those who had need would bring their cares to the Temple. He also acknowledged that the care of Israel was God’s responsibility: “They are Thy people and Thine inheritance which Thou has brought forth from Egypt” (1:51). The only thing that would result in God hearing His people’s prayers was the confession and forsaking of sin.

When Israel first entered the promised land they were ordered to clear out the wicked nations and thus many wars followed. However, we should not conclude that this was Israel’s ultimate goal.  Instead, after subduing these evil people Israel was to become a light to the surrounding nations.  Unfortunately, Israel’s own sin and spiritual blindness prevented them from reaching out to the rest of the world with God’s love.

Now we find Solomon interceding on behalf of non-Israelites who would trust in God and pray to Him (vv. 41-43). The Temple was to be the worship site for all God-fearing foreigners just as Moses had allowed foreigners to bring their offerings to the tabernacle (Num. 15:14).


Even though God is a God of judgment He is also a God of mercy and reaches out to anyone and everyone who will trust Him. I need to be careful that I am trusting in the Lord and not on the things this world has to offer? Lord. Teach me how to Pray with sincerity like the little girl and not with theological eloquence. 

I Kings 8:41-53 (English Standard Version)

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