Solomon’s Prayer of Dedication

im Cymballa, pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle, told his small congregation that “if they called upon the Lord, He had promised in His word to answer, to bring the unsaved to Himself, and to pour out His Spirit among them. If they did not call upon the Lord, He had promised the … More


In this section we find a magnificent dedicatory prayerby Solomon. He first stood beside the altar and then fell to his knees (v. 54). He began his prayer with worship and praise to God for His faithfulness as prayer should be and not with requests. He then proceeded to petition God and intercede for his people. His prayer contained nine requests:

1.God’s presence and protection (vv. 25-30).

2.Forgiveness of trespasses (vv. 31-32). This referred to interpersonal disputes.

3. Forgiveness of sins that had caused defeat in battle (vv. 33-34).

4. Forgiveness of sins that had brought on drought(vv. 35-36).

5. Forgiveness of sins that had resulted in calamities (vv. 37-40).

6. Mercy for foreigners who would trust God (vv. 41-43).

7. Victory in battle (vv. 44-45).

8. Restoration after captivity (vv. 46-51).

9. To listen to His people when they pray (vv. 52-53).

The key to Solomon’s prayer is probably v. 26 where he says, “Let thy word, I pray thee, be confirmed.” To Solomon, Jehovah was a God who made specific and definite promises and fulfilled them. He prayed with confidence that those who sinned, those who were defeated and those who had needs would bring their cares to the Temple. Sin was recognized as a cause of God’s withholding His blessings (v. 35) and he requested that Israel’s repentance would result in her release from captivity and return to the land.


Solomon declared (v. 27) that even the heavens cannot contain God. It is humbling to think that though the heavens can’t contain God, He is willing to live in the hearts of those who love Him.

I Kings 8:22-40 (English Standard Version)

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