The Abrahamic Covenant

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We need to keep in mind that the context of this chapter is soon after Lot has gone back to Sodom. No doubt Abraham was wondering whether or not his efforts to rescue and restore his backsliding nephew had been totally useless. Now God comes to Abraham to discuss some family affairs:

I. The building of Abraham’s family (vv. 1-7).

   A. God’s Power in His Word. It was to be by spiritual power and not by the flesh.

1. First there was a pledge (v. 1). God said “Fear not you still have me.”

2. This pledge was to be followed by a plea (vv. 2-3). Abraham reminds God that if anything happens to him, a mere servant will become his heir.

3. God revealed His plan (v. 4). The Lord strongly answers him by saying that a son will come from Abraham’s own body to be his  heir.

    B. God’s Power in His Witness (vv. 5-6). There are more stars than grains of sand.

    C. God’s Power in His Work (v. 7). Abrahamsuddenly stopped and turned toward Canaan.

II. The basis of Abraham’s faith (vv. 8-12). Abraham could not understand Calvary completely but in some small way he came to understand the misery of it (vv. 11-12).

III. The brightness of Abraham’s future (vv. 13-21). Abraham learns about:

    A. The specific time involved (vv. 13-16): Not one hour before justice is accomplished.

1. Included the permissive will of God (vv. 13-14).

2. Included the personal will of God (v. 15).

3. Included the preordaining will of God (v. 16).

    B. The specific territory involved (vv. 17-21): Abraham’s seed will get the land

1. A guarantee of the land promised (v. 17).

2. The greatness of the land promised (vv. 18-21). A binding  covenant with Abraham.


Nothing will stop God from accomplishing His perfect will in my life. His timetable may not be the same as what I desire, but I need to claim His promises for He knows what’s best for me.

Genesis 15:1-21 (English Standard Version)

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