The Acceptance of Moses Petition

Jim Elliot wrote “In reading the Scriptures, I find a great moral power. Therein am I made aware of two great forces for good in human experience: the “fear” of God and the “grace” of God. Without the fear of God, I should not stop at doing evil; th … More


God told Moses to get ready to take the people into the promised land (v. 11). Allegiance can be defined as the loyalty owed by a subject to his or her sovereign. Synonyms for allegiance are loyalty, commitment, adherence, faithfulness, and duty.

I. The meaning of allegiance

      A.  Fearing the Lord (v. 12). - To fear means to reverence and honor, to hold in high esteem.

      B.  Walking in His ways (v. 12).  

      C.  Loving Him (v. 12).

      D.  Serving Him with heart and soul (v.12). 

      E.   Obeying Him (v. 13)

II. The reasons for allegiance

      A.  It is beneficial to us - (v. 13).

      B.  God is the Supreme Sovereign of eternity - (v. 14).

      C.  He chose you - (vv. 15-16).

      D.  He shows no partiality (vv. 17-19).

      E.   He desires our allegiance (v. 20) God alone should have our allegiance.

      F.   He used His power to deliver us (vv. 21-22).


Because of all this it only makes sense for me to do what God requires. I owe Him my love, my service, and my obedience. I must fear him and pledge my allegiance to walk in His ways. 

Deuteronomy 10:11-21 (English Standard Version)

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