The Brothers Bring Benjamin to Joseph

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The story now focuses on Joseph’s plans. The brothers again went to Egypt and this time Benjamin was with them. As soon as they arrived they were taken to Joseph’s house (vv. 16-17). They  were frightened because they did not know what he would do to them (v. 18). Soon a servant brought Simeon out to rejoin them (v. 23). When Joseph arrived they all bowed before him and gave him the present they had brought (v. 26). When Joseph saw his younger brother Benjamin, who had been just a little boy when he left Canaan, he could not hold back the tears of joy and quickly left the room (vv. 29-30). This passage can be outlined in the following way:

1. Undeserved Feast (vv. 16-17).

2. Unconcealed Fear) (v. 18).

3. Unexplained Find (vv. 19-24).

4. Understandable Formality (vv. 25-28).

5. Unrevealed Feeling (vv. 29-31).

6. Uncanny Familiarity (vv. 32-33).

7. Unrestrained Fellowship (v. 34).

When he came back they ate dinner together (vv. 31-32). Joseph had the servants place them at the table, beginning with Reuben the oldest and going down to Benjamin, in the order of their ages (v. 33). Of course, they all wondered how he would know their ages. Then Joseph served them all with food, but the portion which he gave to Benjamin was five times that which he served the others. It seems that the brothers were not jealous or resentful toward Benjamin because of this preferential treatment (v. 34). This points out that they had a change of heart.


Many people become resentful and jealous when others are given special treatment and they are not. How do I feel when this happens in my life? Am I able to rejoice with them?


Genesis 43:16-34 (English Standard Version)

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