The Brothers Preparing to Return to Egypt

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The famine continued and Jacob’s family needed more grain. Jacob said to his sons “You must go to Egypt again and buy us some more food” (v.2). His sons replied, “We cannot go unless you will let Benjamin go with us.” Jacob then scolded them (v.6) for telling the man they had a brother. Their reply was: “The man asked us if we had any other brothers and we just told him the truth” (v. 7).

Judah, one of the brothers, said, “Let me be respons­ible for him and guarantee his safe return.” It is interesting to note that Judah was the one who had come up with the plan to sell Joseph into slavery in Egypt (Genesis 37:26-27). Now he had to negotiate with his father in order to get Benja­min to see Joseph. Reluctantly Jacob consented to let Benjamin go.

1. The sanity of Judah’s pledge (vv. 1-8).

2. The sincerity of Judah’s pledge (vv. 9-10).

3. The success of Judah’s pledge (vv. 11-15)

Jacob suggested that they take some things to the man as a gift. They fixed up a parcel of honey, spices and nuts. Apparently these delicacies were not available in Egypt. They also took double the amount of silver so they would be able to return what they had found in their money pouches before. Then they started again for Egypt (v. 15).


When people have been involved in scheming and lying it is very difficult for someone to trust them when they do tell the truth. I want to be a person whom people will trust because I have always been truthful and carried out my promises?

Genesis 43:1-15 (English Standard Version)

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