The Coming of The Lord

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Isaiah proceeded to glorify the faithfulness of God by painting it against the dark background of Israel’s unfaithfulness. The Lord explained how Israel could possibly rejoice in the repossession of its homeland if such malicious neighbors as the Edomites still surrounded it. The prophet asks two questions and then they are answered (vv. 1-3). Who is this (v. 1)? He will come from Edom, the wicked nation southeast of Israel. Edom was a constant enemy of Israel despite its common ancestry in Isaac (Gen. 25:23). The next question was why are your garments red (v. 2)? They are red because they are stained with blood (v. 3) from slaughtering His enemies in Edom.

The day and the year both refer to the specific time of God’s judgment (v. 4). This judgment was so redemption might come. The day of vengeance had arrived, and He had finally punished the evil doers. His bloody victory was not due to a temper out of control but was part of the plan of God. He found no one to help Him execute His task, so He did it all Himself (v. 5). God’s wrath is also pictured as being a winepress in Revelation (Rev. 14:19-20). That day will bring doom to the Lord’s enemies, it will mean deliverance for His covenant people who trust in Him (v. 6).


No matter now wicked and sinful the people of this world become, God has the future all planned and I don’t need to be concerned about the outcome, as it is all in His hands.

Isaiah 63:1-6 (English Standard Version)

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