The Commission of Gideon

Many years ago in St. Louis a Christian man was completing some business with a lawyer. Before leaving the office, the Christian turned to the lawyer and said: “I have often wanted to ask you a question, but I have been a coward.” The lawyer replied, “I didn’t thin … More


God used a coward to lead a nation of cowards. Gideon, the fifth judge, was the youngest son, of the poorest family in Israel. The “angel of the Lord” appeared to Gideon. Gideon was thrashing grain in a covered shelter where grapes were pressed into wine because he was trying to hide his harvest from the eyes of the invaders (v. 11). If the Midianites saw him they would take the wheat from him.

The angel told Gideon “The Lord is with thee” (v. 12) and “you are to go and save your people from the Midianites” (v. 14). Gideon replied by saying, “If the Lord is really with us, why are we having all this trouble?” (v. 13). Furthermore he said, “How could I be a leader and save my people when we are just a poor family?” (v. 15). The Lord told Gideon He would help him defeat the Midianites and Gideon wanted some proof (vv. 16-18). Gideon killed a lamb, put it on a rock and when the angel touched it with a stick flames burned it up (vv. 19-21). The angel disappeared and Gideon was fearful (v. 22). The Lord told Gideon not to be fearful (v. 23). Gideon built an altar for worshiping the LORD and called it “ The LORD Calms Our Fears (v. 24).”


Have I ever doubted that the Lord will really do something that He has promised in His Word because like Gideon I think I am a nobody. When I do I should Read Phil. 4:13.

Judges 6:11-24 (English Standard Version)

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