The Concluding Days of Gideon

The teaching of karma (literally translated “action”) indicates that karma is something negative, the acting is wrong. Karma is something you must be released from. Karma is the reason for the poverty of the beggar; the illness of the sick, and the hopeless situation of … More


Gideon who came through the test of adversity with flying colors was not so successful in the test of prosperity. After his successful encounters with the enemies of the Lord he yielded to two temptations which brought devastating consequences.

First, was his temptation in the area of idolatry (vv. 24-26). It could be argued that Gideon really had the best of intentions when he took the golden earrings and crescents captured from the Ishmaelites and formed an “ephod” to perhaps preserve the memory of the Lord delivering His people from the Midianites. However the thing became a “snare to Gideon and his household,” as all Israel was enticed to false worship (vv. 27-29).

Second, was temptation in the area of the flesh as Gideon added to himself wives and concubines (vv. 30-33). This brought envy and hostility through seventy half-brothers that were born. When Gideon died a new generation rose up which forgot God and failed to return the many kindnesses that their deceased leader had shown them (vv. 34-35).


There is a big danger that any of us may be inconsistent in our witness. Even though I have experienced great victories in my life to this point is no guarantee that I will do the same in the future. I need to be very careful not to let any kind of prosperity ruin my testimony.

Judges 8:24-35 (English Standard Version)

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