The Destruction of Shechem

Someone tells the story of a boy who was rebelling against his dad constantly. This boy was destroying his own life by his rebellion, but he refused to heed his father’s words. One day, the dad said to the boy, “I want to show you what you’re doing to your life. I’m going to … More


The central theme of this event shows how the Lord dealt in history with those who dared to transgress His moral laws. Abimelech had made his home at a fortress five miles southeast of Shechem. He had put Zebul, one of his officials in charge of Shechem. A new leader by the name of Gaal had arrived on the scene to challenge the authority of Abimelech at Shechem. The men of the city were listening to Gaal who was poisoning their minds against Abimelech and making plans to take over his position.

Zebul was angry when he found out what Gaal was up to, so he sent some messangers to inform Abimelech of the rebellion (vv. 30-31). He not only warned of the potentially dangerous situation but urged a certain source of action, that would not allow Gaal to consolidate his position (vv. 32-33). Abimelech followed the advice of his deputy and sent his forces by night to avoid being detected. He divided them into four groups, and they all hid near the town (v. 34).The advantages of surprise and initiative lay with Abimelech and Gaal and his supporters were chased from the city (vv. 35-41). The insurrection had been nipped in the bud by the prompt action of Zebul.


What is my reaction when someone rises up to challenge the authority of the person I am working for? Do I remain loyal to my employer or do I join in the rebellion?  I must remember that it is never right to do wrong in order to accomplish what I think is right.

Judges 9:30-41 (English Standard Version)

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