The Effect of Tyre’s Destruction

Soon after a missionary arrived in a small Chinese town she noticed that a gang of bandits had just destroyed the little town and everything in it. Then a native Christian, showed the missionary the ruins of his home; a burnt roof and structure, and furniture, all turned to … More


The third section of this prophecy discusses the response of Tyre’s neighbors to her fall (vv. 15-18). These coastal powers, dependent on Tyre for their trade and commerce, would be dismayed at Tyre’s fall. Tyre’s fall would send shock waves throughout the maritime community (the coast lands would tremble). The princes of the seacoast were appalled at the unbelievable fate of their chief benefactor.

Sitting in mourning was a common way to express grief for a loved one or friend (Job 2:11-13). As Tyre’s allies came to sit and mourn her passing, they also sang a funeral lament, contrasting her present condition with her former glory. Tyre had been a formidable power on the seas, reigning supremely on the eastern Mediterranean shores. Her fall sent terror rippling to every shore she had touched. With their source of supplies gone, those nations would suffer great economic loss. Today the Island city is still a pile of rubble, a testimony of God’s judgment.

In Tyre’s demise she would descend into the underworld never to rise again (vv. 19-21). Now again he said the ocean depths would sweep over Tyre. The most fearful prospect facing ancient mariners was to be caught in a storm and be “lost at sea.”


This is a reminder of the recent earthquakes and surnames and how they destroy complete cites and towns. I must put my complete trust in God and not the things of this world.

Ezekiel 26:15-21 (English Standard Version)

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