The Law, the Prophets and the Kingdom

Insurance statistics point out these trends: Most divorced persons who remarry do so within a few years after the dissolution of their last marriage. According to the experience in New York State, about three-tenths remarry the year the divorce is granted, about one-half wi … More



The Pharisees who had been listening to Jesus professed to trust God, but they measured life by wealth and possessions (vv. 14-15). In fact they considered their wealth to be a sign of God’s approval. I’m afraid many professing Christians today are making the same mistake. With their lips they honor the Lord; but with their wealth, they live like the world. Until the coming of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, the only message Old Testament saints had was the law of Moses and the prophets (vv. 16- 17). The Pharisees prided themselves in their obedience to this law, but they refused to accept the Savior of whom Moses wrote about.

We do not know for sure why Jesus switches to the subject of divorce and remarriage at this point when His basic discussion has been on the use of money. Maybe it is because money plays such a big part in the marriage relationship. Money problems play a major part in over eighty percent of the divorces.

Jesus teaching on divorce corrected the lax interpretation of Deuteronomy 24  by these Jews. This was where Moses"permitted" divorce because of the “hardness of the people’s hearts.” No  exceptions are given to the matters of divorce in this passage or in Mark 10:11, and it allows no provision for divorce or remarriage to a divorced person. In fact it says that “whosoever marries her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery” (v. 18). This is a far cry from what is being taught and practiced among many Christians and from many pulpits today.



It is important that I have taught and continue to teach my family that marriage is for life, and divorce and remarriage are wrong. This is not a popular teaching in our society but is so needed.

Luke 16:14-18 (English Standard Version)

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