The Lord Commands The Babylonian Enemies

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The land of Merathaim (v. 21) was the region in southern Babylon where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers enter the Persian Gulf. However, the word in Hebrew means “double rebellion."  Thus God was saying He would attack the land of double rebellion and inflect his punishment on it (v. 22). The Lord was in command of the invasion, and His orders were to be carried out in detail. Babylon, like a hammer (v.23) had been shattering others and now she would find herself broken and shattered. God speaks of Himself as a hunter who would set a trap in which Babylon would unknowingly find herself caught (v.24). His weapons were brought out and a curse will be put on Babylonia (v. 25).

Babylon’s enemies came from a long distance to break open their granaries (v. 26). The bodies of her slain inhabitants were piled up like heaps of grain. Her fine young men were slaughtered like cattle, for the day of judgment for Babylon had come (v. 27). The ultimate sin of the Babylonians was the burning of the temple (v. 28), and for this sin alone the total destruction of their city was their punishment. Archers were summoned to encamp around Babylon and to ensure that no one would escape (v. 29). The city had to be destroyed because of her haughtiness (v.30). God emphasized her haughtiness by calling her the proud one (vv.31,32). She would be broken for her pride as God vowed to kindle a fire that would consume her.


Pride was Babylon’s big problem. Pride comes from feeling self sufficient or that we don’t need God. Getting rid of pride is not easy, but we can admit it and ask God to forgive us and help us struggle against it. Do I have any pride in my life?

Jeremiah 50:21-32 (English Standard Version)

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