The Lord is God

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It is so easy for us to look everywhere else but to God for our guidance and leadership. We trust financial advisors, news commentators and medical doctors, but do we really trust God?  It seems that Moses is trying to get the Israelites to see that their trust needs to be in God and not in man (v. 32). Moses reminds the people that no other nation could claim the unique experiences they have had in seeing the hand of God (v. 33). He explains how God has revealed himself in three distinct ways from Egypt to Sinai (v. 34):

1.First it was by signs and wonders (Ex. 7:3).

2.Second, by conflict (Ex. 14:14).

3.Third, by great terror (Ex. 12:30-36).

Each of these things lead Israel to magnify the Lord. No other nation but Israel could ever claim to have heard the voice of God speaking out of fire (vv. 35-36). No other nation could point to a god who brought them into existence by redeeming them from a stronger and more powerful nation (vv. 37-38). Remember, the awesome miracles such as the plagues, the pillar of fire, the parting of the Red Sea, manna and other miraculous things made it clear that it was God who redeemed the Israelites (v. 39). Obey God’s teaching and your decedents will live long and be successful (v. 40).


How do you and I know the power and strength of God?  Probably I will never have a burning bush experience or see the waters of the Red Sea part like the Israelites did. However, I have the Word of God and the Holy Spirit which they did not have. I just need to trust Him!

Deuteronomy 4:32-40 (English Standard Version)

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