The Lord Showering His Blessing on Israel

One of the most powerful prayers in the midst of suffering I have read was uncovered from the horrors of Ravensbruck concentration camp. Ravensbruck was a concentration camp built in 1939 for women. Over 90,000 women and children perished in Ravensbruck, murdered by the Naz … More


In contrast with Israel having been forsaken and hated, God will cause others to take pride in her (vv. 15-16). Israel will now have an eternal excellency (v. 15). This can be interpreted to mean the millennial kingdom and ultimately, the heavenly Jerusalem. Much as a nursing child gets sustenance from its mother, so Israel will be sustained by the wealth of the nations (v. 16). There will be both outward beauty and inward stability in this city (vv. 17-18) Wealth brought to Jerusalem will include not only gold and silver, but also bronze and iron. Beyond the outward beauty there will be inward stability. God will bring peace to the government. Violence and the resulting waste and destruction will be eliminated. The very walls  of the city will be called Salvation, and the gates Praise.

The prophet concludes his thoughts by describing the city as being filled with the brightness and glory of the Lord (vv. 19-22). The glory of the Lord will so fill Jerusalem that no other gods will be worshiped. Having described the city and the Temple, the prophet now describes the inhabitants. These people would be a branch of my planting and the work of my hands, implying that they will receive care and nourishment from God Himself. He promises them numerical increase and also an expansion of joyous fellowship.


I should not be discouraged when I look around and see so few people turning to the Lord. One day people throughout the earth will recognize Him as the one true God.

Isaiah 60:15-22 (English Standard Version)

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