The Lord’s Discipline

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David states that his sin had led to health problems (vv. 1-8) and separated him from God and others causing extreme loneliness (vv. 9-14). He has been deserted by his friends and threatened by his foes. His only hope is to trust in the Lord.

David knew he had sinned and a rebuke was necessary and he asked the Lord not to punish him while he is angry (v. 1). He told the Lord that His arrows had penetrated deeply (v. 2). He had no doubt that the condition in which he found himself was the direct result of God’s judgment on him. We don’t get away with sin. In this passage, we find a brief description of David’s anguish (vv. 3-8). Physically he had lost his strength and his whole body was given to continual aching and is bent over as in old age (v. 6). He was not only suffering physical­ly but with great anguish of soul and mind. The servants in the royal palace must have whispered to themselves at the cries from David’s sick room as he cried out from the very depths of his soul (v. 8).

He continues by saying my health is gone (v.9), my heart beats wildly and I am going blind (v. 10). In addition to the physical distress and pain, his near acquaintances and relatives kept their distance from his suffering and his enemies spent all of their waking hours planning treachery and trying to kill him (vv. 11-12). So overwhelming was his situa­tion that at times David sat deaf and dumb in the presence of God (v.13). I am sure that David never expected anything like this when he first began to play with sin. But then, neither do we. He continues by saying he is deaf to all of their threats and silent as a man that can’t speak (v. 14).


David knew that he was weak spiritually and that his enemies were after him so he cried out to God for help. I am weak and the forces of evil are after me so I need to spend time in prayer.

Psalms 38:1-14 (English Standard Version)

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