The Measure, Means, and Might of Prayer

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Last time, Jesus told his disciples that they had seen the Father (v. 7). Philip responded, “Lord, if you would show us the Father, that would be enough for us!” (v. 8). Philip’s heart was in the right place, but he had missed the point. Jesus is God. Everything God wanted us to know about Him is made manifest in the person of Jesus. To see Jesus is to see the Father (v. 9). Jesus spoke in the authority of the Father, and the Father does his work through Jesus (v. 10). Understanding the relationship between Jesus and the Father is crucial to our faith. Jesus said, “If you don’t believe my words (Whoever has seen me has seen the Father), then believe the works (the miracles) I do” (v.11). Jesus’ miracles proved his connection with the Father. Likewise, Jesus promised, that those who believed in him would perform similar works (miracles) as he had (v. 12). The believers in the early church performed miracles like the ones that Jesus had done, and these miracles proved that they were connected to God.


Have you ever seen the plaque, “Why pray when you can worry?" Prayer has its measuremeans, and might clearly spelled out in this chapter. Jesus said, “You can ask anything in my name, and I will do it” (vv. 13-14).


MEASURE: “Whatever you ask” - Measure: an appropriate restraint, limit or bounds. The measure of our praying or asking is defined not as a “whatever you want” but by the

1.     Measure of who believes …… in Jesus.

2.     Measure of who works …… the works of Jesus.

3.     Measure of who is glorified …… God the Father.


MEANS: “In My name“ - Means: a method, a course of action, or an instrument by which an act can be accomplished, or an end achieved.

1.     Means …… safeguards our praying.

2.     Means …… not an end to our prayers, but the beginning.

3.     Means …… belief in the work of Jesus and to what end He works. 


MIGHT: “I will do it“ - Might: the strength or ability to do something. The ability to answer prayer is not in us …… but in Christ.

1.     Might …… is resting in the strength of Christ.

2.     Might …… is hoping in the ability of Christ

3.     Might …… is trusting in the accomplishment of Christ


What is the measure of my prayers? What is the means and might behind my prayers? It needs to be centered and dependent on Christ and Him alone. May I never just mouth a bunch of words but be sure my prayers come from my heart. 

John 14:8-14 (English Standard Version)

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