The Need For Laborers

During World War II, native labor had to be used in Panama to build certain vital projects. But the schedules were always behind because the natives refused to work more than a few days a week. That was all the wage they needed for their wants. Why should they work any more? Argum … More


As Jesus continues to travel, two blind men follow Him and acknowledge Him as the Son of David (vv. 27-31). We are not told why these men are blind but blindness was prevalent in the Mideast in that day. These men were persistent as they followed Him into the house where He was staying. It was their faith that Christ honored as He miraculously restored their sight. He told them not to tell anyone about this event but the news soon traveled throughout the region (v. 31). Perhaps the reason He didn’t want this news to be spread was to keep the multitudes from thronging to Him for physical healing. While it is true that Jesus did heal many from physical diseases He came primarily for spiritual healing which is permanent and not physical healing which is temporary.

As the two blind men left the house a demon possessed man was brought to Jesus and He immediately healed him (vv. 32-34). The crowd marveled as nothing like this had ever been seen in Israel. However the religious leaders said that He must be getting His power from Satan.

As Jesus went from place to place he saw the people being deceived by the religious leaders and wandering around helpless with no spiritual guidance (vv. 35-38). At this point in the story, Jesus and His men were tired and needed a rest. But when Jesus saw the haggard masses, He couldn’t help but feel compassion for them, so He continued to minister to them. In response to this helpless condition He urges the disciples to pray that God the Father will send out additional laborers to reap the harvest. “As so often happens, those who prayed were themselves sent”.


Has the need for laborers changed any since Jesus day? No! In fact there are more unsaved people in the world today than there were in Jesus day. What can I do to help in today’s harvest field.

Matthew 9:27-38 (English Standard Version)

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