The Parable of the Lost Son

Author Leo Buscaglia tells this story about his mother and their “misery dinner.” It was the night after his father came home and said it looked as if he would have to go into bankruptcy because his partner had departed with their firm’s funds. His mother went out and … More



Again we find in this passage that something is lost, the lost is found and because of it there is great rejoicing. This is the parable of:

The lost son (vv. 11-24) - The son is willfully lost. He wanted to have his own way so he rebelled against his own father and broke his father’s heart. His rebellion resulted in riotous living and he hit rock bottom. Then he awoke to realization, repented, and returned where he experienced reception, reconciliation and rejoicing. He is a picture of every man born on this earth and in need of a Savior.

In this story we see a son who was not content to wait for the time the father would die but he asked for his part of the estate at once in order that he might enjoy it now. What is unusual here is that the younger son initiated the division of the estate. This showed arrogant disregard for his father’s authority as head of the family. We see the same kind of attitude in  the lives of many young people today. The prodigal learned the hard way that you cannot enjoy the things money can buy if you ignore the things money cannot buy. When God is left out of our lives, enjoyment becomes enslavement. He had to hit bottom before he came to his senses.



If I were to compare my spiritual journey to the Prodigal’s journey, where am I now? 

      ____ At home but not too happy

      ____ In a far country

      ____ Coming to my senses

      ____ Enjoying the fatted calf

Luke 15:11-24 (English Standard Version)

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