The Parable of the Wicked Farmers

His name was Gary Jones. I got to know his name very well because I sent him a check for $65.00 every month. Gary was a nice guy, I had met him a few times, but I didn’t send him money because he was a pleasant and friendly person. And I didn’t give him money because he was … More



Jesus compares his Father to a landlord in Luke 20. In this parable we learn that the Lord is a perfectly patient landlord (vv. 9-10). After his first servant is roughed up,  he sent a second and they wounded him and threw him out (v. 11). Again he sends a third servant and they wound him and cast him out (v.12). Finally he sends his own son, thinking they will respect him, knowing who he is, and will not harm him, but when they saw him they killed him (vv. 13-18. Of course this would never happen in real life, where an owner shows that much tolerance to treacherous tenants. That is the point Jesus is trying to make in this parable. The Lord has an incredible amount of patience for sinners, far more than sinners deserve.

As we consider the words of this parable of Jesus teaching, we realize that:

  1. Some spurn God’s Word. - The tenants spurned the word of the owner. They had no time  for him and what he had to say. This sounds similar to today. When it comes to the authority of Scripture, the world has little time for what God’s Word says.
  2. Some reject God’s love. - The tenants rejected the love the father had for his son. They rejected the love that the owner was showing these tenants by giving them another chance.
  3. Finally God’s judgment will come. - Jesus says, “He will come and kill those tenants and give the vineyard to others.”



God is the landlord. He owns everything. He doesn’t just own my house, my car, or my job, He owns me. God doesn’t just like me or is friendly to me, but he truly owns me. I don’t simply HAVE to serve Him, I WANT to serve the landlord who has done so much for me, his tenant.

Luke 20:9-18 (English Standard Version)

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