The Pharisees Blindless

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Physical healing and spiritual healing are intertwined. The one leads to the other as the blind man moves from darkness to light, first physically and then spiritually. At the physical level his sight was restored. On the spiritual level he came to faith in Christ. The narrative in this chapter is uninterrupted by interpretation, which occurs only at the beginning (vv. 3-5) and the end (vv. 39-41). What is interesting about this man who Jesus healed is his refusal to be intimidated by the bullying authorities. His cocky answers so upset the interrogators that they threw him out of the synagogue. However, his expulsion was not a disaster, for he found himself in the presence of Jesus, whom he was able to worship. This once-blind man “saw” Jesus as he really was.

Jesus identified Himself as the Son of God (vv. 35, 37), and the beggar indicated that he wanted to believe (v. 36) and was saved (v. 38). “My sheep hear My voice” (John 10:27). He did not “see and believe;” he heard and believed. Not only did he trust the Savior, but he worshiped Him (v. 38). Jesus then said that He came into this world so that people who do not see may see, and those who see may be made blind (v. 39). In other words, the reason for our Lord’s coming was salvation but the result of his coming was condemnation for those who would not believe. Some of the Pharisees who heard Jesus’ words were disturbed (v. 40). Jesus responded that if they were truly blind, they would be guiltless, but since they claimed sight, their guilt remained (v. 41).



The Pharisees had heard Jesus explain many times who He was and why He came into this world, but they refused to believe. I want to be like the blind beggar who believed what Jesus said.

John 9:35-41 (English Standard Version)

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