The Practice of Child Sacrifice

One of the most talked about human tragedies of history was the slaughter of 6 million Jews by Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany. How could a civilized country allow the construction and operation of Nazi death camps? Sociologists tell us that only 10% of Germans fully backe … More


Today’s passage refers to the practice of child sacrifice. Jeremiah warns of impending judgment because as little babies would die, the people did nothing to end this horrible practice.

  1. Judgment was on the way (vv. 28-29).
  2. People had turned away from God (vv. 30-33).
  3. People had turned to abominations (vv. 34-35).
The scene changes as God explains how He will collect the people from all the countries where He has driven them in anger (vv. 36-44). He says the He will  bring them all back to this place and let them live here in peace as well as their children after them. He will restore everything that was lost.


Abortion is murder and God hates it. I must support those who support the rights of the unborn.

Jeremiah 32:28-44 (English Standard Version)

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