The Reign And Captivity of Jehoahaz

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Josiah’s body was transported back to Jerusalem, where he was buried. With his death, all hope of spiritual revival was gone. The events that followed his reign would soon bring down the proud Judean capitals.

Judah made Jehoahaz, Josiah’s fourth son, the new king. His reign only lasted three months and he was taken prisoner. His three short months were marked as “evil.” When Pharaoh Neco defeated Josiah at Megiddo, Judah came under Egyptian rule and a heavy tax was placed on them. He evidently did not like Jehoahaz so he imprisoned him and sent him to Egypt where he eventually died.

Neco then placed Jehoahaz’s older brother, Eliahim, on the throne of Judah and changed his name to Jehoiakim. Jehoiakim became a puppet to Neco the Egyptian king and reigned 11 years. Jehoiakim was a weak ruler and followed in the path of idolatry and self reliance. 

Jehoiakim found his alliances shifting as Egypt was defeated by Babylon and Judah came under the rule of Babylon (24:1). He rebelled against Babylon which proved to be a crucial mistake.  Nebuchadnezzar crushed Jehoiakim’s rebellion and took him to Babylon (2 Chron. 36:6).


Many good kings had children who did not turn out to follow God. Being a strong believer as a parent doesn’t guarantee that your children will pick up your beliefs. We must make sure that our practice explains and teaches what we preach. Many times more is caught than what is taught.

II Kings 23:21-37 (English Standard Version)

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