The Remaining Families of Israel

A preference is a strong belief, but a belief that you will change under the right circumstances. Circumstances such as: 1) peer pressure; if your beliefs are such that other people stand with you before you will stand, 2) family pressure, 3) lawsuits, 4) jail, 5) threat of death … More


1. The descendants of Issachar (vv. 1-5)

Issachar was the father of four sons, who were all brave soldiers and family leaders in their clans. According to records the tribe of Issachar had a total of 87,000 warriors. 

2. The decedents of Benjamin and Dan (vv. 6-12).

Benjamin was the father of three sons and their descendants totaled over 42,000 family leaders and soldiers. Dan had one son and there is no record here of any descendants.

3. The descendants of Naphtali (v. 13).

Naphtali’s mother was Bilhah and he had three sons      with no record of descendants here.

4. The descendants of Manasseh (vv. 14-19).

Manasseh and his Syrian wife were the parents of Ariel  and Macer the father of Gilead.

5. The descendants of Ephraim (vv. 20-29).

The descendants of Ephraim took over the territory as far south as Bethel, as far east as Naaran, and as far west as Gezer. This territory included all the villages.

6. The descendants of Ashar (vv. 30-40).

The descendants of Ashar were all respected family leaders and brave soldiers. The tribe of Asher had a total of 26,000 soldiers.


In order to be a good family or organizational leader you must have some convictions about certain things. As a Christian I have many preferences but a few convictions that I would die for.

I Chronicles 7:1-40 (English Standard Version)

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