The Renewal of Israel

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Before dwelling on Israel’s future cleansing, Ezekiel reminded the exiles of their past sin which caused their judgment. When they were ... in the land, they defiled it by their conduct and actions (v. 19). This profaning was like a menstrual discharge that rendered a woman ceremonially unclean and defiled everything she touched (Lev. 15:19-23). How did the people defile the land? By bloodshed and idolatry (Ezek. 33:25). As a result God removed them from the defiled land.

The Lord is concerned about the integrity of His name. When Israel profaned His name by her wickedness, leading to, her captivity, the heathen questioned whether God could actually care for and bless the nation He had chosen to be peculiarly His (vv. 16-21). We might question why God wanted to protect His holy name, His reputation among the nations of the world? God was concerned about the salvation not only of His people, but also of the whole world. To allow His people to remain in sin and be permanently destroyed by their enemies would lead other nations to conclude that their heathen gods were more powerful than Israel’s God (Isa. 48:11).

As a vindication of His name, not Israel’s, the Lord will regather them by His mighty power from among the nations (vv. 22-25). Thus to protect his holy name, God would return a remnant of His people to their land. God will not share His glory with false gods; He alone is one true God. The people had the responsibility to represent God properly to the rest of the world. Believers today have the same responsibility. How would you say your are representing God to the world?


The people in Ezekiel’s day had the responsibility to represent God properly to the world. I have that same responsibility today and I need to constantly be asking myself how I am doing?

Ezekiel 36:16-25 (English Standard Version)

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